New dedicated ‘loft’ space (conversion) for my simulator…

After a moment of madness last weekend, I decided to pop most of my flight simulator parts on eBay due to  a number of reasons, the big and main reason being space… having two young daughters the only room I have ‘spare’ in the house is my office which has mean’t that I either have a nice desk setup and comfortable working area or having my full flight simulator setup.

After ‘umm-ing’ and ‘arrrhh-ing’ over the weekend about selling all my stuff I then thought… Why not convert the loft space!!! – so I quickly took off the auctions and this is now what I’m working towards, it’ll take a month or so and need to get my old back-boiler replaced with a new Combi-boiler so that I can gain the extra space in the loft so that I have enough room to build and host the full simulator 🙂

We’re now back in business with a new ‘dedicated’ space for the simulator and my electronics stuff! 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have some more updates for you soon and photographs too 🙂

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