This page will describe the hardware used on the project, use the links on the side for more information about the specific pieces of hardware used.

As I do not have loads of money and unlike most people I don’t think that putting money on the credit card is a feasible thing to do so I either save up and purchase the best pieces of kit and ultimately be waiting an age and only in a couple of years tie will I get to fly my home cockpit or I buy bits and pieces and use temporary panels in the meantime.

As part of my mission to save money and only spend what I really need too I have a mixture of different hardware devices which are as follows:-

  • LeoBodnar BU0836X and BBI-32 cards (For switches, buttons, rotary switches,  encoders and potentiometers)
  • OpenCockpits USBOutputs cards (For LEDs)
  • Logiteck Attack3 side-stick
  • Saitek ProFlight rudder pedals
  • Modified Saitek ProFlight USB Throttle Quadrant.

Use the links to the left to read up on more about the hardware I use in my project.