A home cockpit consists of three things really, the physical cockpit build (the frame, overhead and panels), software (MSFS, SIOC, FSUIPC) and hardware (BU0836X, BBI-32, USBOutputs).

The software in this case does a lot of important work it not only runs the main Flight Simulation program (MSFS) it also provides the software interfaces to the hardware I/O cards which in turn take input from the attached switches and various other input methods used (this is covered in my hardware section) the software side of the flight simulator is indeed very important and without the software side of things there would be no point at all for the hardware as they would have nothing to interface with.

In this section I will explain what software I use and why and where possible I will share any of my configuration files and tips…

The software that I use for the integration of my hardware and base simulator are as follows:-

  • Windows 7 Professional 64bit (+SP1)
  • Nvidia Driver Pack
  • Inspector tool for NVidia GFX card (with Tweaked Nvidia Inspector Profile for FSX)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with acceleration pack installed)
  • Feelthere/Wilco Airbus – I only use the A320 but comes with the A318, A319, A320 and A321 🙂 – Thinking of moving to JeeHell’s FMGCS though soon…
  • FSUIPC – To handle the software side of the I/O to and out of FSX, used to configure my buttons and switches, rotaries and encoders in the cockpit as well as my flaps and spoilers leavers.
  • WideServer for FSUIPC – Allows me to send FS data to remote machines and enable software like Aerosoft FS Commander to connect to my FS Server for things like moving map.
  • SIOC – For the configuration and control of my OpenCockpits USBOutputs cards which drive my LED’s.
  • FRAPS – Screen recording software for FSX.
  • Latest AIRAC – Goes without saying really… I use Navigrah!
  • A Tweaked fsx.CFG file for better FSX performance.

In addition to the ‘core’ cockpit software, I have installed various utility applications and MSFS addd-ons on my flight simulator PC, I thought I’d mention them here too although they are only extra’s and aren’t really required for the home cockpit – They generally just improve my experience in game etc.

Please use the links on the right to navigate the pages in this section where I have gone into greater depth of how I use the particular software, what each do and shared any configuration files/scripts I have written.