Welcome to my website dedicated to sharing, documenting and show casing the research and building of my Airbus A320 home cockpit.

My aim is to build a realistic fixed back Airbus A320 flight simulation cockpit, the project will consist of various systems to create a realistic environment such as sound and vibration, visual displays (projection equipment) and physical hardware which are modelled on the real aircraft eg. panel’s, side-sticks etc.

My aim is to build as much as I can but where my ability and lack of required tools is limited I will purchase parts and components from various flight simulation cockpit websites such as the ones mentioned on my ‘links‘ page.

The project is obviously a long-term project as replica aircraft panels and other hardware can be very expensive so as I go alone I will build and interface temporary panels of which will allow me to fly and test the cockpit during the build process of which will then be replaced at a later date with the replica hardware once the funds allow.

I’ve split the ‘About’ section up to several parts, please use the links on the right to navigate the various pages in this section.

I hope you find my site interesting and hopefully even inspiring 🙂