I/O Cards

In this section I will explain which I/O (Input/Output) boards I use, why and how I use them.

The I/O boards provide both inputs and/or outputs, some handle only inputs, some just outputs and others provide both inputs and outputs in a single card.

Input boards are  used to connect switches, potentiometers and encoders to and then send this information back to the computer to be processed by FSUIPC/MSFS.

Output boards are used to drive LED’s, 7 segment displays, servo motors etc. – The Output boards take information from FSUIPC/MSFS and then uses that  information to turn on an LED, turn a stepper motor etc.

My current cockpit set-up uses the following I/O cards:-

Use the links above to read more about the interface cards and information such as why I have used a particular card and photo’s etc.