Painting the cockpit

After researching on the internet I found the following RAL colour codes of which apparently are used in the Airbus, these are as follows:-

RAL 7031 (Matt finish)– The main panel colour (The grey)
RAL 5017 (Matt finish) – Structural ‘blue’ colour (used on the pedestal base, side stick housing, below the black leather top etc.)

During my research I found that RAL 5014 frequently popped up in documents and sites that I read but apparently RAL 5014 was the old panel colour for the older Airbuses (eg. the ones with no wing-tips, some post’s referred to this as the ‘100’ series eg. A319-100/ A320-100)

I will be popping to B&Q some time in the near future (when I’m at the stage of painting and getting them to mix the above two colour code (RAL 7031 and RAL 5017))

I also read on many sites that the best way to ‘prime’ my MDF structure was to apply a coat of white emulsion, allow to dry, sand it down (to smooth it out and remove any marks etc) and then repeat the process again before roller-ing on a couple of layers of the actual top colours.