BBI-32 Input (Button box interface) card

How I use this I/O card

The Model 1 version of the BBI-32 card provides the same solder-less connections as the BU0836X card.

I currently own three of these ‘button box interface’ input cards. I use and prefer the DIY model (Model 2) as shown in the below photo, the DIY version is only £19.99 GBP!

I will be using these cards where ever I have a need for several switches and/or encoders and don’t have a dedicated I/O card obviously the overhead panel is an example of where I will be using at-least one of these cards (if not two, depending on the  number of inputs required for all the switches)

I also use a dedicated BBI-32 for my MIP switches of which is mounted in side my ECAM section, this card provides inputs for my landing gear lever, auto-brake panel switches, PFD, ND brightness encoders etc.

This is the ‘DIY’ version of the BBI-32 all ready to be soldered… (This is the version I use)

With the model 2 version of this card (seen on the right) you’ll need to solder a USB cable to where the normal model has a USB female socket (on the far right of the PCB on the photo to the right) and then obviously solder all your input wires from your switches and encoders etc. to the (real) gold coloured solder plates.

Why I use this I/O card

There is two main reasons why I prefer and use this card over using BU0836X cards and that is as follows:

  1. The price, the DIY version that I use only costs £19.99 as opposed to £49.99 for the BU0836X card and although the BU0836X card is worth it in my opinion if you need to additional features for most of my project this card is sufficient and saves me money that I can then spend on other pieces of hardware/software for my project.
  2. The ability to solder all the connections is of huge benefit to me, in the past when using the BU0836X card the wires have come loose and can be fiddly to connect individual wires.
Those are the main two reasons, the price is obviously the main factor though especially when you can buy 2 and a half BBI-32’s for the price of a single BU0836X card!

I/O card details

  • Up to 32 buttons or switches.
  • Up to 16 encoders. All popular encoder types – one, two and four transitions per “click” (CTS, ELMA, ALPS.)
  • Up to 11 rotary switches (12 positions each – when using in conjunction with BBI – 12 Position Rotary Switch.)
  • +5V power connection for illuminated switches or LEDs.
  • 3.370 x 2.125 in (85.60 x 53.98 mm.) in size

Where can you buy this from?

The BBI-32 card can be purchased from Leo Bodnar’s site of whom personally designs, makes, sells and ships these cards from his workshop on the well known British racing circuit… Silverstone.

» Visit the BBI-32  product page for full details and to purchase.