OpenCockpits USBOutputs card

How I use this I/O card


A USBOutputs Card from OpenCockpits

I own two of these output cards at present, one of which will be mounted inside the ECAM section of the MIP stand and will be shared between the pedestal LED’s and the MIP LED’s such as the ones found in the auto-brake korry switches.
The second one will be mounted and used to drive the LED’s in my Korry switches on my overhead panel. 

Why I use this I/O card

This is a fantastic output card and is fairly priced in my opinion, this not only provides 64 outputs to light standard LED’s or lamps but also provides connections to connect 5 (8 bit) analogue inputs.

This is the first output card that I purchased and have not had any problems with it, I have successfully written my own SIOC code for the Wilco Airbus which can be downloaded here if you wish.

I/O card details

  • Connect to a standard USB port
  • Control up to 64 outputs and up to 50 volts each (500ma per output)
  • Control the output intensity by software (eg. Dim the LED ouptuts)
  • Can connect LED’s, Lamps etc without needing to solder as it comes with screw down connections.
  • You can connect 5 analogue inputs (8 bits) for general use.
  • The card is SIOC compatible.

Where can you buy this from?

This output card is sold by the Spanish company OpenCockpits, I have purchased several items from these guys and they are fantastic… the shipping is fast too!

» Visit the USBOutputs card  product page for full details and to purchase.