This page links various sites that I have found useful and which I think may help other cockpit builders too.

Other cockpit projects

 Nigel Doyle’s Cockpit (Shamrock75)  – One of my main inspirations into starting my project, I originally took the same approach that Nigel took to building my cockpit (my Mk1 model anyway!).

Joerg Loeffelmann’s Cockpit (BigL) – Much like myself, Joerg took inspiration from Nigel Doyle’s site and cockpit and has built a similar style cockpit, I personally love his use of laminated panel designs and use of 3mm PVC board for his panels – this is something that I have decided to use in my project too.

Online cockpit shops

Skalarki – A UK-based provider of Airbus Panels and other Airbus cockpit parts, if you have the money…  the quality of Marcin’s panels and hardware are great!

Leo Bodnar – A great site consisting of many plug and play input cards, I personally use a mixture of the BU0836X and BBI-32 cards. – A great site with loads of useful I/O cards and other hardware. – A great website for various cockpit parts and accessories including landing light switch covers and engine start swtich covers.

AST – Loads of useful knobs (Spoilers) and switch covers (Engine) including the Airbus side-stick gator.

Software/add-on resources

FSUIPC (Pete Dowson’s site) – The home of FSUIPC, this software plays a major part in the home cockpit and sits between MSFX and the I/O cards.

Wilco FSUIPC Exporter (Eric Marciano’s site) – Eric was the main developer on the Wilco Airbus Series, Eric has released a module (dll) which enables people using the Wilco Airbus series to have access to full range of inputs and outputs thus allowing home cockpit builders to properly use the Wilco Airbus and have access to all switches and knobs without the need for using the FSUIPC mouse trapping technique.

Other useful resources – Photographic measurements of an Airbus A320 cockpit.

eBay – A great source for all the ‘odd and sods’, I personally have purchased many switches, LED’s, my aircraft seat and faux leather material from here… a real bargin site for most of the stuff you don’t find on Online cockpit stores.

Spiratronics – A great website and provider of electronic components based in the UK much cheaper that the likes of Maplin!