A start on the new pedestal

Today I decided to make the most of the fair weather outside and make a start on my pedestal so I cut some MDF and started to join my pedestal base together using a mixture of grab adhesive and wood screws, I decided to build it in two separate parts to enable it to be easily split to make it smaller and easier to get through door-ways etc.

So at lunchtime I took a trip to Wickes and bought some extra 12mm MDF so the pedestal, once I got home, I cut the peices to size (based on the actual measurements from the A320) and then joined them together using batons, screws and grab adhesive.

To make things look cleaner and neater I then counter-sunk the screws into the MDF and filled over the screw holes with Grab Adhesive of which I will then fully sand down (ensuring a flush finish) next weekend  giving it a complete sand, dust down and then seal and prime the MDF using plain white emulsion paint (of which many people over at MyCockpit.org recommend)

Next weekend (weather permitting) I’ll hopefully complete the pedestal and have it ready for final painting (once I can get hold of the correct Airbus paint) and then will get hold of some faux leather for the top rim around the the pedestal

I’ll take some pictures next wekend before sanding down and priming etc…. sorry I ran out of time today!


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